The thought behind #ArtForAll

I love Art! In fact I go completely ga-ga over Museums, and Art and theater. In reality though while I have been reading books and Literature since I was a kid, interactions with museums came much later in my life.

I was 26 when I was presented with the opportunity to travel to USA (my first International trip) and study through the American Institute of Pakistani Studies (AIPS) Cultural Management in collaboration with Smithsonian and the University of Wisconsin. The result was that for the first time in my life I saw lines – lines upon lines – of children, adults, families waiting their turn to go into the Museum.

Now in comparison, in my home country of Pakistan, there are hardly museums, and the ones that do exist have not updated or kept up with the times. The result is that there is very little interaction between the public and the museums. In result the museums are these deal big hulks.

More so there is no creative curriculum in our Schools. The Government endorsed national curriculum doesn’t has art or any of its shape and form in the primary schools. It does make an appearance in Grade 6 till 8 but that too as an optional subject. With such a casual attitude towards art, is it any wonder why are museums and platforms where the children’s imagination and creativity should be enhances are in fact dead and struggling for survival?


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