Mashal Model School Bari Imam

I had known about the Mashal Model School for a while, having seen their work online. People have admired what they are trying to do in an area like Bari Imam where stories of Children being abused, molested, working to earn a living, are all too common.

I got my first opportunity to work with them when I was working with an NGO and then this time around. They were my first preference for doing this exercise. And undoubtedly the support I got from Zeba Husain, the founder of the Mashal Model School was extremely encouraging. (You can read more about their work on their FB Page)

There was only one condition that was set by them – they didn’t want to leave any child behind.

The solution – we will be having two sessions, one for Class 1 and 2. And the other for Class 3, 4 and 5. This solution has also allowed me the opportunity to see how each lesson is perceived by each group.


A view of one of the branches of the school within the Bari Imam Community

And so began the collaboration!

Super excited to be working on this project and to be sharing this!


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