Dots and Points: Our Second Class – 4th March 2017

For our second class, we decided to start with the very basics of the Art Language, that is Dots and Points. 

Since it was imperative that we give any lesson a historical continuity and also keep in mind that this is the first time that these children are being exposed to a systematic Art Course, we needed it to be simple.

We started out with the idea that even before a line there is a dot, and a number of dots can make up a line. Having established the concept of a dot’s primary position, we began with the early civilizations. We discussed how they must have felt in a world around them where everything was a mystery – from the way the sky can light up a tree, to the stars and cosmos at night that must have intrigued a man of this world considerably. How the stars would have possibly become a source of much of his curiosity. We discussed what for a primitive man such a wonder would have meant. We made a connection by discussing how we all have probably played the silly game of finding shapes in the clouds and much like us, the Aboriginal man would have played the same game.


We then talked about how due to their believes they never shared their artwork and always destroyed their creation up until the 1970s. We saw a variety of artworks and tried to find out the meaning behind them, and understand the various narratives that we saw in each work.

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The assignment that they had – considering that this was going to be their first assignment – was to draw their hand print using this technique. It was a bit tough for them to stick to the assignment as many of them plunged straight into and used lines, but with a little encouragement we were back on track.

One of the things that we did though was to make sure that all the students look at each others work. Everyone put their work up and we showed it to the class. The students also took time to tell what they have done and whether there was a feature in someone else’s work that they enjoyed.

Overall a good class it was!



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