Shapes: Our Fifth Class – 22nd April 2017

We had our term break – which is why there has been radio silence. But we are back in the game and we are starting out with shapes.

We started out with understanding some of the basic shapes

Square or Diamond

Circle and Oval

Triangle plus its many tilted forms

The kids knew most of them!

From then we moved on to understanding the play of shapes in design form. We saw some artwork examples of these, which included


We then also discussed some Islamic Patterns and Designs – because well relating to a context that they can better relate to!


And then we started out with our own creations! And there were the obvious choices – The House!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But then there are always some who looked beyond!

What was super amazing about the class was the fact that they could understand the shapes much better within tough compositions as well. They were able to decipher the way in which the shapes sometimes composed themselves in two different forms.

Next up, we will be looking at some artworks and comparing them together !


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